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1Why is my hot water heater leaking water?

A rusty tank is the most well-known cause of hot water heater leaks. If this is the case, you have to replace the water heater unit. If it’s still under warranty you may not need to worry about the financial demand a replacement can cause. On the other hand, if it has not reached the expected life expectancy, the culprit could be something different. Such as, the pressure relief valve, generally found at the top of the unit, might be leaking. At Westminster Plumbing you can be confident that our professionally educated technicians will punctually analyze the leak and advise a remedy that will be in your best interest.

2Why is my electric hot water heater not heating?

Quite often the main cause for your water heater not heating up appropriately is a tripped high-temperature cutoff. This is solved by simply pushing the reset button. When that doesn’t work it may be a faulty heating element. When it’s the element you’ll need to plan on replacing it.

3What is a leak detection service?

This can be a specialized service meant to find hidden leaking underground and beneath foundations, making use of innovative sound detection tools. These ultra-sonic leak detection tools are the very best approach to promptly and successfully locate the leak source. You can trust in us to provide quality, expert leak detection solutions and repair. We’re going to locate the leak cause and fix it competently, as quickly as possible.

4Should I use chemical drain cleansing agents?

Absolutely not. A large number of store-bought drain cleaning agents are detrimental for your plumbing system. With time the inner coating of the pipes can corrode due to the damaging chemicals. If you want a qualified plumber to come clean your drains, just give us a call at 714-408-2363 today.

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